Videos about your PLM integration in shipbuilding

Overview OpenPDM SHIP


Integration is a key-enabler for efficient product development and manufacturing, not only for shipyards. To consider shipbuilding specific needs OpenPDM SHIP provides standard connectors to various system environments (CAD, ERP, PLM, MES, …) and vendors (AVEVA, CADMATIC, Dassault Système, HEXAGON, NAPA, Siemens, SSI, …). The globally unique enabler to build the digital enterprise platform in the marine and offshore industry connects your shipbuilding-specific development systems and common enterprise systems such as PDM/PLM or ERP via ready-to-use semantical connectors.

Application of OpenPDM SHIP


The design of a ship is a multi-disciplinary process. From initial to basic and detailed design; between hull design and piping & machinery. Each discipline and development phase has its own requirements not to speak about engineering collaboration with 3rd parties. Often a multi-vendor strategy increases flexibility and companies can benefit from the specific advantages of the different systems. The enabler is seamless integration of the systems into one digital enterprise platform. OpenPDM SHIP provides connectors for various PLM systems and vendors to ensure integration as a product.

Example: NAPA and ShipConstructor

NAPA and ShipConstructor are prominent examples for multiple CAD-system approaches. Both are specialized systems, which provide advantages in their domain. To enable the benefits of both systems a seamless integration is necessary. OpenPDM SHIP provides seamless integration of NAPA and ShipConstructor based on standard connectors. The ship model development started in NAPA can be continued in ShipConstructor without additional effort in generating it a second time. Further, the individual processes of each company/shipyard can be considered respectively. A smooth connection of the systems enables a multi-vendor strategy relying on integration as a product.


PDM or PLM systems provide complementary functionality to CAD in providing configuration and change management or enabling collaboration. To allow companies to choose their systems according to their needs integration into a reliable digital enterprise platform is necessary. OpenPDM SHIP makes integration between various CAD and PDM/PLM-systems a standard approach. Processes can be customized to individual requirements and a suitable multi-vendor strategy can be applied.

Example: AVEVA to Teamcenter

AVEVA Marine is one of the typical shipbuilding specific CAD-systems while Teamcenter is a PLM-system with a background in mechanical engineering. Nevertheless, the concept of Teamcenter provides advantages for several stakeholders in shipbuilding industry. To benefit from both worlds OpenPDM SHIP can be customized according to the individual processes and further connected to CAD and PDM-/PLM-systems through maintained and standardized connectors.


The automation of manufacturing processes is state of the art and an increasing number of shipyards is applying it. One elementary pillar is the provision of reliable manufacturing data from MES systems. The pre-condition: MES-systems need to be fed with the latest CAD-data. Connecting MES to the digital enterprise platform through OpenPDM SHIP ensures a seamless integration of MES and CAD as well as an integration into the already existing enterprise IT-architecture.

Example: Shipconstructor to Smart Production (powered by NESTIX)

Shipconstructor and Smart Production (powered by Nestix) are two typical systems for the integrated use of CAD and MES. Latter one needs to be fed with actual data in the needed format. The digital enterprise platform OpenPDM SHIP integrates Shipconstructor and Nestix and automates data flow to ensure that the needed information are made available downstream in time and required quality.